‘Die Tote Stadt ’ – Reviews

HNA, 25.4.2016
Superb Opera Production In Kassel – Musically And Scenically Impressive

(…) The interplay between overwhelming music of great impact and refined musical depiction making Korngold’s music so fascinating is congenially translated to stage by Dietz: owed to a subtle role characterization, striking images gain a suggestive force.
Celine Byrne starring as Marietta, perfectly balancing lightness, frivolousness and vulnerability. Her dreamlike voice boasts a lustrous timbre up into the hightest registers.

(…) Cheering and thunderous applause at the end of an opera evening not to be missed.
– Werner Fritsch

Online Musik Magazin, 25.4.2016
Crossing Rooms And Dreams

(…) Celine Byrne mesmerising piano tones („Abend sinkt im Hag“) and Marie’s warning sung from the rear of the stage are breathtaking. The soprano masters tremendously well also as an actress.
– Bernd Stopka

Oper-Aktuell, 25.4.2016

(…) Celine Byrne captivates as Marietta with a silver shining, light and clear soprano, bubbly and full of joie de vivre in her acting. Laced with exemplary piano singing, she intonated the first strophe of “Glück, das mir verblieb” in a wonderfully delicate manner while shifting to voluptuous acting in the comedians’ scene. The singer produced the phrase “… errang mir an mich selbst den Glauben” with celestial beauty and clarity.
– Kaspar Sannemann