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This event is running from 12 June 2019 until 19 June 2019. It is next occurring on June 12, 2019 19:00

  • Venue: Municipal Theatre of Santiago
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The opera has four main characters: Celine will sing the aristocratic Marschallin; her very young lover, Count Octavian Rofrano; her brutish cousin Baron Ochs; and Ochs’ prospective fiancée, Sophie von Faninal, the daughter of a rich bourgeois. At the Marschallin’s suggestion, Octavian acts as Ochs’ Rosenkavalier by presenting a ceremonial silver rose to Sophie. However, the young people fall in love on the spot, and soon devise a comic intrigue to extricate Sophie from her engagement. They accomplish this with help from the Marschallin, who then yields Octavian to the younger woman.Though a comic opera, the work incorporates some weighty themes (particularly through the Marschallin’s character arc), including infidelity, aging, sexual predation, and selflessness (or the lack of it) in love.